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Medina, NY 14103

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Accounting and Personal Tax Services

  • Small Business Accounting:
    A small business owner has more important things to do than keep their own books. We take care of your books, so you can focus on the job of running your business.

  • QuickBooks Services:
    From setup to training to helping with everyday tasks, we will provide QuickBooks support to help your business run smoother.

  • Non-Profit Organizations:
    We can help you set up and maintain your non-profit organization’s tax-exempt status by preparing your annual 990 and any related state filing requirements.

  • Payroll:
    Weekly, bi-weekly, check or direct deposit we can take care of payroll for you. We calculate taxes due, make tax deposits and ensure your quarterly reporting obligations are taken care of.

  • Sales Tax:
    We will ensure your monthly, quarterly or annual sales tax returns are calculated and filed properly.

  • Business Taxes:
    We will prepare your business tax return and calculate any possible estimated payments that may be due.

  • Personal Taxes:
    We offer the same level of service to our personal tax return clients. We ensure the tax return will be filed on time and calculate any possible estimated tax payments. If for any reason you receive a notice from the IRS or any state taxing authority we are here to help you navigate through it. Most times the amount they calculate due is not correct. Please stop in and see us before you pay the bill.



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